BizDelta Small Business Growth Strategies 2020 [On Demand Webinar]

2020-05-12T10:56:32-04:00Business Strategy|

PLAY WEBINAR 2020 has quickly become a challenging year for us all—and our priority remains on protecting the health and safety of our families, friends and the global community. We hope you are all staying safe in these difficult times. But a close second priority is business. The impact to business has been dramatic—with many [...]

7 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Company at the Start of 2018

2018-02-20T08:58:18-05:00Business Strategy|

Mid-way through the first quarter, and you’re settling into your routine. Right about now is when everyone begins taking a closer look at the realities of how they’re going to achieve the forecast for the year. Pipelines, deadlines, timelines all become the main point of focus.  And last year’s patterns begin to reappear.  The workflows, [...]

Are You Enabling Your Sales Closers to Bat Cleanup?

2016-11-05T11:00:53-04:00Business Development|

Batting cleanup means that a strong hitter on a baseball team, usually in the 4th spot in the batting lineup, hits a home run and “cleans up the bases of other players waiting to score”. In other words, batters number 1, 2 and 3 are meant to get at least a single each and get [...]

4 Reasons Why Your Leads Don’t Become Sales

2016-11-05T11:00:53-04:00Business Development, Lead Generation|

Four? Really, only four? There are probably 4 million blog posts about this subject. And yet here’s another one. Why? Because it’s a constant question on the mind of almost every CEO, every sales manager, everyone in business development whose responsibility in some way extends into, or across, the sales pipeline. First, let’s set a [...]

Are You a Digital Manager with an Analog Team?

2018-01-30T11:48:31-05:00Business Strategy|

We recently completed the first phase of a project working with a sales team that was struggling with internal communication issues. In short, the manager was giving guidance and direction to the sales team who were having trouble keeping up with changing initiatives. This caused a disconnect between manager and “managees”, which resulted in [...]

What If Competitors Read My Blog?


I was recently asked about this tricky subject.  How can you share good advice and interesting topics with your customers and prospects while keeping your competitors out of the way?  And what should you do when your competitors share counter-opinions of your posts to your prospects?  Great questions, and at the risk of being [...]

8-Second Elevator Pitch

2016-11-05T11:00:53-04:00Business Development, Lead Generation, Marketing|

I attended a networking event with small business leaders from the area mostly discussing the economy (with an occasional vacation plans tangent).  As we introduced ourselves, I paid close attention to how each introduced his/her company to me.  As you can expect, some were more straightforward than others, namely finance, investment, and legal.  Others varied [...]

Revenue Sine Curve Up Ahead

2016-03-03T17:51:49-05:00Business Development, Lead Generation|

Many companies that we work with find themselves in a position where everything seems in place but not enough leads are finding their way into the sales pipeline. They have a good product or service, have a few customers. They continue to focus on creating the best solution in the market. Yet lead generation remains [...]