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No two companies are alike.  Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us to discuss whether our approach is a fit for your unique business.

The key difference of BizDelta is that we help companies in small increments, changing only the parts that need attention one step at a time. This allows changes to be put into place according to top priorities first with minimum disruption to the business. It also gives the best chance for full adoption of new workflows and messaging.
For many companies, we become their outsourced marketing and/or lead generation team, working on a regular basis with company leadership, sales and service teams to create messaging, collateral, sales support and interest where needed.
We’ve worked with many companies over the years that have been working hard on their products/services and have established themselves among a handful of customers. Yet they still wonder why they aren’t getting more customers and better quality leads. Their expertise is rooted in their products and the ability to serve their customers–not necessarily in sales and marketing. That’s OK. That’s very common. And that’s why we’re here–to help you put a robust business development process in place (complete with templates, scripts, workflow, etc.) to show you how to connect with your target audience, educate them about your solutions, and convert them to customers. We take the guesswork out of prospecting. Follow our step-by-step approach–do the weekly homework–and you’ll watch your company build its customized, powerful, flexible lead generation process that you then own and grow!
For companies with an existing process in place, our program serves as a best practice supplement that fills in any process white space. It forces your team to take a hard look at your existing process and ensure that it is producing for you–with focus on your core messaging at all times, with prioritized targeting to your key prospects, and with seamless lead generation/qualifying/nurturing that yields the highest value prospects to convert to customers.
To begin, we’ll show you our workflow and why it works. You can–at any time–compare it to your existing process. Then make your choices. You can embrace our process entirely, or adopt the best pieces that support your process in fill in the gaps. Simply going through this compare/contrast process offers the critical benefits of reassuring you that you come away with the best workflow for your company. And for the record, our process is deceptively and decidedly simple. This is based entirely on our approach of keeping everything simple enough to not distract from the basic, most important goal of identifying opportunities and guiding them through your sales pipeline.
By first offering a word of caution–watch out for too many metrics. We’ve seen many companies roll out their very well maintained list of detailed metrics showing every finite stage of engagement at the very front of the pipeline–only to find themselves unable to answer some basic questions about lead flow. It’s easy to get lost in these numbers. But what does an email “open” really mean to your company? Are you sure it translates to interest? Are you prepared to make financial and strategic decisions on these numbers? While we’re not discounting the value of all metrics, we do help you identify ONLY those numbers that actually correlate to a best practice prospecting activity. Side note — less tracking, reading and analyzing of all these numbers suddenly releases your key team members from this activity so they can focus on the more important prospecting activity they’re meant to do!
Do your PROSPECTS know your messaging? Is your messaging the best it can be? Is it connecting with your audience? How do you know? You should regularly work to ensure that your message resonates with the very people you’re trying to target. Over time, key words and phrases come in and out of vogue (for lack of a better word). Even though your message phrasing may have been topical two years ago it might not be today. You could be seen in the market as not keeping up with the needs of your audience–regardless of how accurate your message is for them. Don’t assume your message is helping your sales efforts the way it did two years ago.
Yes. And we suggest you make this activity a regular part of your routine. In fact, leading companies have made this a full time position in itself. To have someone spending full time on researching online communities, list sources, company histories, etc. will pay for itself through noticeably improved prospect quality. Our program will show you online sources and how to use them to find new prospects for your business.
Yes, we absolutely include social media. It’s vital these days. And there’s a right way and a wrong way. There are many reasons for not having many followers on your blog–none the least of which is the proliferation of blogs. Some estimates say there are close to 200 million blogs out there. But don’t get discouraged. There’s a prime ingredient to all leading blogs–quality content. Through a combination of creating quality content that resonates with your audience, doesn’t overtly sell to them, and reaches them through online posts and sharing, you’ll be well on your way to building your listening and reading audience.
Not a problem. 100% of our customers are working hard in (and on) their business. If not, they likely wouldn’t be in business… Our program is designed to spoon-feed you several stages worth of homework across multiple areas of business development. This translates to regular “homework” that you and your team members can divide and implement to gradually, step-by-step build your customized process along the way.
Ultimately, we want to leave you in control of a robust, high-performing business development engine. We want your team to drive the marketing, pre-sales and sales engine to continually grow your business over time. To get you there, we can show you how to do it and, where needed, help do it for you until you get fully up to speed.

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“Working with BizDelta gave Discovery Machine the confidence to move forward with the launch of our RESITE marketing campaign. BizDelta provided exceptional expertise, resources, and guidance throughout our partnership. I highly recommend BizDelta to other companies trying to reach new commercial markets.”

Anna Griffith, CEO | Discovery Machine