2020 has quickly become a challenging year for us all—and our priority remains on protecting the health and safety of our families, friends and the global community. We hope you are all staying safe in these difficult times.

But a close second priority is business. The impact to business has been dramatic—with many forced into new ways of conducting business remotely, and still others suspending or even closing altogether as this new normal expands.

So why are we talking about business growth during this unprecedented time?

Because many businesses are indeed continuing the best they can. And others are recognizing that business will soon start returning—if not to normal—to a format that supports business development, services, solutions and new customers.

From our home offices, dialogue continues about addressing goals defined at the start of the year, about sustaining sales, about strengthening business development, and indeed about preparing for growth to be ready when the time comes, when business returns to its new normal and enables small businesses to take action to achieve their 2020 goals.

What can you be doing during this critical time? What should you be doing to prepare your business for opportunity in the recovery?

Join 5 small business specialists who collectively work with hundreds of businesses across the United States as they share best practices that small businesses can be doing now to strengthen their strategies for market engagement, build their business development, and prepare to grow revenue and market share.

This 90-minute webinar for business, sales and marketing leaders will educate you on 25 best practices for small business growth across several key focus areas: messaging, sales/marketing engagement, market data & lead generation, branding & social media, staffing & role alignment, and growth funding strategies. Topics include:

Business Development, Market-Message Alignment, Engaging, Nurturing & Qualifying Prospects, Sales Processes

Jeff Burns | CEO | BizDelta

Employee Profiling & Staffing, Testing for the Right Staff/Sales Talent in the Right Role at the Right Time

Tracey Wik | President | GrowthPlay

Preparing for Financing, Early Stage VC Market Intelligence

Harlan Milkove | CEO | Foundational

Company Branding, LinkedIn Social Media, Company Perception

Victoria Ipri | CEO | Revamped Resumes

Market Assessment, Prospecting, Lead Generation, Pipeline Development During a Downtime

Curtis Bendt | Vice President, Customer Success & Sales | MarketJoy