Happy Customers

Case Studies

A national service and solution provider turned to BizDelta to help boost their current business development efforts, encompassing end-to-end marketing, branding, and lead generation.

We worked closely with them to understand their market and determine how best to position their unique offering. We updated their web site, consolidated their very complex message into a concise and clear introduction, and gave them a simple and direct workflow to track progress generating leads. We created all collateral across channels, ensuring that messages and finished products were consistent with corporate culture and goals.

We gave them all of the collateral, workflow and tools to execute outbound campaigns to various high-priority target markets. Our approach helped them understand the steps and timing involved in engaging prospects at various points through the sales pipeline.

The result was a lead stream that yielded more interest in 2 weeks than they would have had in 6 months. And, when engaging prospects, they now get consistently positive feedback on the professional presentations made when introducing and positing their offering to interested prospects.

We also introduced numerous technical enhancements to their service offering streamline and automated the creation of presentation and assessment materials used in helping support their clients. This resulted in several days of time being reduced to a few hours. It also—for the first time—allowed analysts to get out of the job of data collection and compiling, and return to the job they were hired to do—namely analyzing the data and providing much-needed guidance to their customers.

A global provider of industrial manufacturing software solutions benefited in several areas from the approach used by BizDelta.

Our team revised and repositioned their branding and core messaging to clearly communicate the value proposition to their target markets. The customer’s market was particularly complex, with long sales cycles and numerous points of engagement with multiple people within any one target customer who would serve as the decision team.

We improved inside sales workflow by eliminating redundant work and underperforming channels, increasing output by 400%. We then guided them to a new introductory sales approach that effectively had them stop selling and starting assisting.

We launched a campaign of industry benchmarking which involved engaging prospect companies and helping them understand where opportunities might exist for improved performance. We then introduced this program to prospects with an online engagement tool that turned 15 second cold calls into 15 minute exploratory dialogue yielding detailed pain points. This led to strong participating in the benchmarking campaign and an instant pipeline of several dozen opportunities, which would otherwise have been reluctant to share any information, but through this campaign shared critical operational performance data. For their efforts, we ensured that their prospects received real value in the benchmarking results—a win/win for everyone involved. We also introduced strong workflow and detailed pipeline analysis and micro-campaign targeting which had a dramatic effect on pipeline throughput.

The end result was a consistent growth in pipeline so strong that the company was recognized by Deloitte as one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in North America.

A global provider of business analytics software benefited from the approach used by BizDelta in several ways. We met with the company leadership to understand the current product’s strengths, key differentiators and evolution timeline. We then conducted and competitive analysis of market, geographies and product feature / functionality.

We introduced numerous product enhancements that would both increase the reception of their product in the crowded market and serve as new differentiators that would outpace global leading competitors. The company was quick to implement our suggested changes which enabled them to begin competing against the top 3 globally-established competitors for the first time in their 6-year history.

We then updated their web site and messaging, including introducing a comprehensive social strategy of industry-driven blogs and LinkedIn showcase pages. We introduced feedback loops between inside sales and marketing to collect real feedback from the front lines of sales—paint points and priorities straight from the market. We then utilized this feedback in subsequent social postings and saw an increase in interest and traffic in the 100s of percentage points.

Finally, we closely evaluated their long term market alignment and discovered an opportunity to shift their offering from one business model to another without disrupting software development plans. This new approach to the market demanded revised messaging and sales training—which we provided.

We helped them roll out this new strategy at an industry event which yielded unprecedented interest in the company—a full 8% of the entire event attendance became qualified leads for the company—returns they had not seen in 6 years of prospecting in any other market with any other strategy.