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A Team Ready to Adapt to Your Business Needs

As the word ‘Delta’ suggests, our goal is to help you improve your business through small, incremental changes which minimize disruption to your daily business operations. We’ll follow your top priorities and introduce gradual changes, usually on a weekly basis. Working side by side with you, we use an iterative approach to minimize the time and cost involved while ensuring that our contributions are in full alignment with your company vision.

Meet the Team

Jeff Burns

CEO & Founder

Justyn Noble

Director, Business Development

Morgan Rahme

Creative Director

Lauren LaFronz

Content Writer, Research

Adrian Bermudez

Content Writer, Social Media

David McClean

SDR Director

Karina Leiva

SDR Operations

Ben Alarilla

SDR Lead

Jason Bach

Technical Support Lead

Josh Martin

Technical Support Operations

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Check Out Our Partners

SDR Systems Group is a sales enablement consultancy offering outsourced SDR solutions to extend the pre-sales strategies of BizDelta customers. The company uses the latest engagement technologies, like AI, combined with telephone and email outreach to enable clients to decrease their time-to-revenue and increase their productivity. SDR and BizDelta collaborate to help companies strengthen their outreach strategies and develop early pipeline opportunities for sales teams to nurture and close.

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