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  • Launch new campaign ideas
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  • Strengthen team communication
  • Get good visibility to progress
  • See up-to-date market intelligence

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“Working with BizDelta is helping us scale our business in several areas, especially sales. BizDelta provides practical advice we can use without the fluff, which we really appreciate. We consider BizDelta to be a part of our team and look forward to working with them well into the future.”

Santhosh Cherian, MD, Founder | Medtrics

Improve Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

We follow a step-by-step improvement process to discover the ideal match between best practice business development and your unique needs. Our approach covers five key areas that, together, form an integrated strategy for generating, nurturing and closing new business.

Core, Data, Push, Pull, Networking

Refine Your Core Messaging

It’s critical to get your core messaging right. Your value proposition, elevator pitch, top benefits, deliverables, success stories–all affect everything downstream.

Manage Your Prospecting Data

Proper care and feeding of your prospecting data is essential. Continual tagging, rating, filtering and dispositioning gives you market insight to drive strong growth.

Drive Outbound Marketing

Well-executed outbound “push” marketing is a team effort involving marketing, pre-sales and sales collaborating on multi-channel campaigns throughout the year.

Build Inbound Marketing

Your inbound “pull” marketing strategy sets the backdrop of informative and educational content that engages your prospects through a variety of social channels.

Network with Your Industry

It’s vital to meet regularly with your prospects, customers, partners and industry ecosystem contacts to stay in touch with industry changes and drive new business.

“Working with BizDelta gave Discovery Machine the confidence to move forward with the launch of our RESITE marketing campaign. BizDelta provided exceptional expertise, resources, and guidance throughout our partnership. I highly recommend BizDelta to other companies trying to reach new commercial markets.”

Anna Griffith, CEO | Discovery Machine

Where Will We Focus?

We’ll work with you on a weekly basis to guide you through small, incremental improvements which are easy to implement without burdening resources or disrupting your daily operations. Along the way, we can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need, from showing your team how to improve to becoming your extended, outsourced sales and/or marketing team.

An understanding of your target industry’s top trends, opportunities, and challenges that you will incorporate into your lead generation strategy.

An understanding of your target industry’s top trends, opportunities, and challenges that you will incorporate into your lead generation strategy.

The elevator story, value proposition, top benefits, top selling points, leading case studies to be used throughout your lead generation materials.

An active distribution of pull channels collectively contributing to guide all inbound interest toward your company’s offering.

Solid approach to launching outbound messaging through multiple channels, supported by inside sales contacting and prospect networking.

A system to evaluate and rate potential leads that maintains push focus on the top opportunities while the lower opportunities mature.

Strong workflow and touch points to engage early prospects and create catalysts that help move them through the lead pipeline.

Clear understanding of everyone’s roles in the lead generation machine, their contribution, when and how to raise red flags, and when and how to engage other team members.

An understanding of how to effectively communicate with one another and address each other’s priorities to maximize lead flow and avoid downtime.

How to continually care and feed your lead generation process. It is a living process that benefits from regular evaluation and tuning.

How to maintain outreach with your core ecosystem, including prospects, customers, partners, influencers, associates and more.

A library of business development best practices building blocks that you can use to maintain your entire lead-to-sale management process.