Does Your Business Need a Boost?

Give your business a boost. Strengthen your end-to-end business development process with our most popular program.

What is the Boost program?

Our Business Development Boost Program focuses on your entire process of generating new customers, from your messaging, to generating leads, to nurturing those leads to become new customers.

We’ll do a quick 360 audit of your existing approach, discuss your top concerns and goals, then develop a plan to address some of those concerns quickly and guide you toward fixing others over the long term. We’ll also focus on building a single path for leads to follow through your company to become customers.

We were unsure of using a 3rd party not familiar with our product to help us with sales. BizDelta changed all of that by the end of the first meeting. They listened and probed to find the right combination of marketing strategies for our Compliance Time on-line training programs. Gaining a full understanding of our targeted clients they dove in with sleeves rolled up. We went from skeptics to recommending them.

Kim Piermattei, Esq., COO | Compliance Time

What's included in a typical Boost Program?

Boost Programs include weekly meetings with our highly-experienced team of sales and marketing professionals who will guide you through a process to begin to raise your existing business development process to best practice sales and marketing levels.  We begin with a quick audit of your current sales and marketing approach. We then construct a roadmap to guide you toward raising your current approach to best practice levels. Finally, we create and launch a pilot campaign that targets a key market segment and shows you how best practice business development works in your company. The end result is a plan you can use to strengthen your sales and marketing approach, generate new market interest, and focus on business growth.

No two companies are identical. And neither are Boost Programs. Each program can include elements like the following:

360 Business Development Audit

A quick analysis of your current business development approach and goals.

Messaging & Market Review

Analysis of your current messaging and how it’s working for each target market segment.

Ideal Customer Profile

Build an up-to-date profile of decision-makers you are targeting, their perceptions and buying styles for your offering.

Web & Social Update

Evaluation and potential small, targeted updates to your web site and social media presence.

Marketing Campaign Design

Creation of a simple best practice marketing campaign that focuses on a single target audience.

Campaign Tuning

Monitoring and adjusting messaging and outreach strategy based on market reaction.

Strong Pull Market Strategy

An active distribution of pull channels collectively contributing to guide all inbound interest toward your company’s offering.

Strong Push Market Strategy

Solid approach to launching outbound messaging through multiple channels, supported by inside sales contacting and prospect networking.

Lead Nurturing Approach

Strong workflow and touch points to engage early prospects and create catalysts that help move them through the lead pipeline.

Lead Qualification Approach

A system to evaluate and rate potential leads that maintains push focus on the top opportunities while the lower opportunities mature.

Lead Management Workflow

Clear understanding of everyone’s roles in the lead generation machine, their contribution, when and how to raise red flags, and when and how to engage other team members.

Channel Update

Evaluation and potential small, targeted updates to technologies and strategies for select channels.

Sales Enablement

Create sales-ready materials to address specific bottlenecks in the sales funnel.

Enhanced Team Communication

An understanding of how to effectively communicate with one another and address each other’s priorities to maximize lead flow and avoid downtime.

Networking Strategy

How to maintain outreach with your core ecosystem, including prospects, customers, partners, influencers, associates and more.

Best Practice Building Blocks

A library of business development best practices building blocks that you can use to maintain your entire lead-to-sale management process.

Working with BizDelta gave Discovery Machine the confidence to move forward with the launch of our RESITE marketing campaign. BizDelta provided exceptional expertise, resources, and guidance throughout our partnership. I highly recommend BizDelta to other companies trying to reach new commercial markets.

Anna Griffith, CEO | Discovery Machine

Who uses the Business Development Boost Program?

New startups. Existing companies who are seeing a sales plateau. Companies looking to get to the next level of growth, to their first $1M, or from $1M to $5M, or $5M to 10M, etc. (these are big changes). 

Boost is also used by investors, venture capital firms, and boards of directors to help install their portfolio companies install a repeatable process for growing generating new revenue.

What are the results?

Each company is different, but results typically include new leads, a new way of thinking about the company, messaging and sales, new workflows, new lines of communication, a basic roadmap for continued growth.

What happens after the program ends?

Depending on your goals, you can continue working with us to build on the start that we achieve in the Boost Program.  Continuing at the same rate, we will be able to take a deeper dive on all aspects of your business development process, building more comprehensive marketing and sales elements that will help propel your company’s growth.  

Some of our customers have continued for another few months, some for a few years where we track along with their continued growth, helping them achieve each next step along the way.

Have other questions?

Check out our FAQs, or contact us to schedule an exploratory discussion and let us answer your questions and help evaluate whether BizDelta is right for you.

How do I determine if Boost is right for me?

Schedule an exploratory discussion. Tell us your goals, your challenges, and your timeline. We’ll explain how the program works, explore your current situation, and together determine if Boost is a fit for your unique company.

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