Revenue Sine Curve Up Ahead

Many companies that we work with find themselves in a position where everything seems in place but not enough leads are finding their way into the sales pipeline. They have a good product or service, have a few customers. They continue to focus on creating the best solution in the market. Yet lead generation remains a mystery and often does not get enough attention.

Over the years, one trend among these companies always emerges: not focusing on the big picture. These companies are so focused on getting all of the details right that they miss the larger goal. They are making sure that each customer is taken care of and all product developments are going along well.

Good goals to be sure.  However, while doing this, they are not spending time on finding new business. This often results in a revenue sine curve which has the commercial leadership constantly bouncing back and forth between sales and services.  This is a tell-tale sign of constrained resources—not enough time in the day.

Instead of focusing all of their time on the details, these companies need to occasionally step back and see the big picture. Look at the company as a whole and make sure all priorities are being met. It is a balancing act that results in equal time devoted to new business development and existing business implementation/customer satisfaction.

A company’s lead generation process is of critical importance. It deserves leadership attention. Management must budget a portion of their regular schedule to making sure that it continues to move forward.  It takes enormous time and resources to create valuable prospecting content and distribute that content across all of the necessary marketing channels to reach a company’s target audience.

If you don’t want to continue on the approaching sine curve path, take a moment to ask yourself whether you’re devoting enough time on the big picture.  When you need help, it’s time to call in the troops from companies like us, BizDelta.