Are You Enabling Your Sales Closers to Bat Cleanup?

2016-11-05T11:00:53-05:00Business Development|

Batting cleanup means that a strong hitter on a baseball team, usually in the 4th spot in the batting lineup, hits a home run and “cleans up the bases of other players waiting to score”. In other words, batters number 1, 2 and 3 are meant to get at least a single each and get [...]

8-Second Elevator Pitch

2016-11-05T11:00:53-05:00Business Development, Lead Generation, Marketing|

I attended a networking event with small business leaders from the area mostly discussing the economy (with an occasional vacation plans tangent).  As we introduced ourselves, I paid close attention to how each introduced his/her company to me.  As you can expect, some were more straightforward than others, namely finance, investment, and legal.  Others varied [...]

Revenue Sine Curve Up Ahead

2016-03-03T17:51:49-05:00Business Development, Lead Generation|

Many companies that we work with find themselves in a position where everything seems in place but not enough leads are finding their way into the sales pipeline. They have a good product or service, have a few customers. They continue to focus on creating the best solution in the market. Yet lead generation remains [...]